Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

So it's Monday already. Why do weekends have to go so fast?! Here's what went down these last few days...

'Cuse Mani
We all wore orange Saturday, and even though Syracuse lost, getting to the Final 4 is still a huge accomplishment!
Took down Easter decorations and put up the spring ones
I love these new 3D butterfly window clings!
Spring is finally here and I think to stay this time!
Ruby went to the pet store for the first time and did a great job with the other dogs we encountered
Ruby and I and the Alabama Shakes took a nice long walk in the sunshine
This didn't happen this weekend, it's actually happening right now,
but I couldn't be more excited about having a paved driveway! lol

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  1. Your nails!!! Love the design!!! So fun, lady!!!