Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fitness & 7 Weeks til Vacation!!

Happy Friday guys! (Thank goodness) I have been sooo tired this week I feel.

So last Friday I told you all about my 3 mini health goals, here. But to recap, I chose my top 3 get healthy goals, and each week I'm tackling a new one. Here's the list:

1- I'm a lazy ass B
2- I cook mostly fatty comfort foods since that it what Jeffry likes to eat
3- I love junk food snacks

And here is how I plan to work on those 3 things over the next 3 weeks:

Week 1- Be active 4 days a week, even if it is just taking walks with Ruby.
            - Each walk try and increase our speed until  I can jog bits
            - Try to add some strength training after each walk even if it is a short workout video.
                (Week 1 is over but I am for sure still working on not being so damn lazy)
Week 2- Use this book which I already own to make Jeffry's favorite foods healthier.
Week 3- Only buy healthy snacks this week so we don't have junk around

This week was tough. I had two birthdays this week so there was a lot to do. I only got in 2 walks so far (insert shame face) but Sundays was a great one. My sister and I took Ruby, and it was the perfect day. Nice and sunny, but just chilly enough that we weren't hot and sweaty.

I also took a nice walk Tuesday with some friends around the neighborhood but I forgot to start my pedometer. It was leisurely, but probably a half hour or so. Taking Ruby brings a walk to a whole 'nother level since my arms get a great workout yanking her around lol.

As you guys (maybe) know, last week I linked up with The Foley Fam for her summer shape up. Today she posted about this workout and I'm gonna try it! I have had the Tone It Up app for a while now but have never done a single thing with it. Cue shame face again. I really need to get my act together guys! Beach vacation in 7 weeks!

Can I look like this please???

If you want, head over and sign up for free! I need all the motivation I can get... Anyway, I'll be back next Friday to let you know how I'm doing, and hopefully I'll have some healthy recipes to share too. If you join the Bikini Series let me know! We're in this together!


  1. Yes, I would like to look like that in a bikini too!

  2. HAAAA! Your 1, 2, and 3 are MY 1, 2, and 3. We are quite similar!

  3. Good luck! Goodness, who wouldn't want to look like that in a bikini!