Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poor Man's Paella

To steal the words right out of Rachael Ray's mouth, here's whats for dinner tonight (or last night rather):

It's not really a recipe per se, but it's something that I've been eating forever. I think my mom actually found it in a Good Housekeeping magazine, who knows how long ago. It's a nice one pan meal too.

This is one of those thing like stir fry where you can just throw in whatever you like. I used smoked sausage, organic chicken breast and fresh peas. Oh and a big ole onion. The rice is this store-bought yellow rice mix:
They're 99 cents each, how can you beat that?!
I browned up the chicken with some salt and pepper, browned the sausage, and set those both aside. I cooked the rice in the same pan, following the directions on the package, except I used half water, half chicken broth. Right before the rice was done, I threw in the peas and a chopped onion. While those were cooking I chopped up the chicken, and then added that and the sausage into the rice to let it warm through.

Then I added lots of this: 
This stuff makes everything taste better. Yummmm.
I also added some garlic and onion powder, cumin and cilantro. And once it's heated through, you put it on a plate, and you eat it.

I ate it with lots of this:
Because that's what kind of a day I had....

So there you have it. Poor man's Paella. Everything probably cost me less than $15. Not counting the wine.

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