Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Pinspiration & Some Cool Links

Have you ever gone to bed early and woken up the next day feeling just as tired as if you had gone to bed at the same time you usually do? Yeah that's me today. With the added frustration of still being just as tired as any other day. I need a nap and it's only 9am. Wah. So here are some pretty's to look at because my brain can't formulate complete sentences...

 Source: via Grace on Pinterest

I mean come on how cool is a honeycomb wall made from decals? From PureHome
From my homie Oscar Wilde. Amen O-Dub.

If you want a good time waster, tour the new HGTV SmartHome here! I love their 3D tours. 
Sneak peak of the inspiration for my next wreath. It'll be for my friend Rachel! Similar
Something I struggle with and pray for every day
Proud mommy of a black cat!
...or do

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  1. love some pinspiration! I agree, the difference between 7 and 7.05 is HUUUUUGE x