Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Guy Gift Ideas

First I want to say...

and in honor of Jeffry's birthday I thought I would share some guy gift ideas!


I think this would be really fun for anyone who played guitar
I originally found it on Spoonsisters which unfortunately no longer exists, but I did find one like it on Urban Outfitters  for $30


How about an iPhone dock made out of engine parts!
This one is from Plane Pieces Inc (marked down to $98) on Etsy


This one's obvious.

How about a map of his favorite stadium, or the state where you met/live:
Syke! That's my favorite stadium :P
These are only $40 each from City Prints, not bad!

So for this one, the link I pinned didn't go anywhere. I literally googled "shot glass card" and found it.
Only $5 not counting the booze.
I mean, what guy wouldn't want this for his birthday? The cards comes with its own shotglass!

Something I've gotten Jeffry before is a half gallon of his favorite Cold Stone ice cream
Jeffry's fave combo is mint ice cream with mini chocolate chips
It's expensive, like almost $10 for the largest size, but it's a nice treat that he doesn't always get.

So tonight we will be opening presents (he reads my blog so I can't tell you what he's getting) and he requested fried chicken for dinner. Good thing I'm not working on my healthy eating goal until next week!


  1. boy gifts are so hard! those are good ones!

  2. I really like the gift basket idea of using a coors light box... that and the cold stone (mmm!). Hope you guys had fun celebrating his birthday!