Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pretty Pins & A New Spring Mani

I didn't get around to taking pictures for the post I wanted to do today, so I did what any good blogger would do, and I painted my nails and went on Pinterest instead!

I just love the thought of this. It transports me to that summer night! 
Can you tell I have summer and vacation on the brain??
Found this one just using Google so it's from somewhere random, but it sure is pretty!

I also made this sort of summer "style board"
Wagon Wheel Tank - here only $10!
Emerald/wood grain flip flops - Speedo $25
Emerald bikini - Victoria's Secret $68
Aqualillies for Tarte waterproof makeup palette - Sephora $38
Messy bun with side braid here
Pretty sure I'll be rocking those nails some time this summer so look out for a tutorial!

And that spring mani I talked about earlier:

1- I used whatever base coat I had laying around. I haven't found one that I'm in love with yet.
2- Two coats of color (At least. I think the pink I did 3) 
3- Used my trusty painters tape to make the chevrons. I folded the tape in half sticky side out to make sure the cut was symmetrical. I actually wish the navy line on my middle finger was a little thicker.
4- Essie 'No Chips Ahead' (Best top coat ever!)
5- Voila!!

I had never used L'Oreal polish before (I had a coupon) but I do like it. I was skeptical because I had tried Maybelline's new polish and did not care for it at all. It was super watery, I think I had to use like 5 coats. So I was pleasantly surprised by the L'Oreal, not to mention i love the teal-ish navy color! As far as the Sally Hansen, this coral is from their Complete Salon Manicure line and I have a couple of different colors from it. I love the shape of the brush, it widens out when you paint with it and you can almost do your whole nail in one swipe!

So that's pretty much is for today. I'm linking up with Shanna! And hopefully I can get my act together and have something fun for you tomorrow :)

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