Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grace Adele & What's In My Purse!

So you guys got a sneak peek of the purses that I got from a Grace Adele party. And since I was switching to my new bag anyway, I thought I would let you guys in on all the junk necessities I take everywhere...

I don't buy purses often, since I usually only switch them seasonally. But the one I've been using was about 30 bucks from Target and it was starting to fall apart. You get what you pay for amiright?

One of the biggest things that sold me on the Grace Adele were the pockets. Inside and outside, major amounts of storage. Sold! Because I really need to be carrying around more stuff obviously...

Another super cool factor, the clutches fit inside the front pocket of the bag, and they totally change up the look! How cool is that?!

Photo bomb alert!
I would also like to point out my sweet little hunter poised to attack. Please note he proceeded to attack me. 
There are a couple combo deals that you can choose from, along with purchasing pieces separately. Probably the most popular is the bag/clutch/wallet combo, but since I got a flashy coach wristlet for by birthday from the BF, the last thing I needed was a new wallet. So the combo I went for was the bag + 2 clutches. I knew I wanted this tan clutch as soon as I saw it:

It came with the long strap. I think this will be a great bag for summer outings like concerts or the State Fair.

Then I also got this purple studded clutch, which I'm envisioning as a great night out bag.

You can't really read the deep purple from this pic, but you can see it against my black bag above
And of course both straps detach so you could also carry them as actual clutches.

Grace Adele has some great spring colors, but as you may have guessed, bright pink and orange aren't really my scene. So I stuck with the darks/neutrals. You can check out their whole line here. You can virtually mix and match all the pieces too to see how they look, which is super helpful when trying to decide.

Oh! And did I mention that Grace Adele is a division of Scentsy?! Who doesn't love Scentsy? :)

So as for what's in my purse, it's actually pretty clean since I'm switching bags. If you really want to envision what the inside of my bag looks like on most days, add about 10 crumpled receipts, some crumbs and some loose change. But here's the low-down...

This picture makes my purse look so empty!! I swear there must be more in there than that. Well there is, because I forgot to include my hand sanitizer and my keys, as well as the virtual pharmacy that I lug around with me. I didn't think that would be very exciting to see.

Anyway, here's the deets:
1. Sunnies. Don't go anywhere with out them. I get teased for wearing them on cloudy days.
2. Misc. beauty products. (BTW all Grace Adele purses come with this clear zippered makeup pouch! Mine holds hand lotion, blotting papers, eleventy-hundred chapsticks, and a nail file.
Because if I don't file a broken nail right away I will pick/chew it down to a nub.
3. Planner, notepad and pen. These barely get used. 
Because I forget to write down the things I want to remember. And then forget those things too.
4. Coach wristlet that was a birthday gift from my boo. I wish I could say there was money in there.

So there's the lowdown, folks. Pretty fab right? Disclaimer: Please excuse my workout clothes from the pictures above. He. Btw, it's Thursday! And that's the day before Friday!! And Friday is the day before the weekend!!! (Gimme a break I'm trying to be optimistic here)

Happy Kids, Inc

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  1. I love "What's in my Purse" blog posts! Maybe I'm just nosy? Hehe. That's awesome that the purses come with the clear zippered makeup bag, that's good to have so you can quick see what you need. I keep a pad of paper & a pen in my purse too that hardly gets used... guess I'll just forever remain forgetful, haha! Your coach wristlet is gorgeous.