Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Interrupt This Previously Scheduled Message...

When 9/11 happened I was a kid. I knew it was unfathomably terrible, but hard for me to comprehend even as a teenager. That was much larger in scale, but just as horrific as what happened yesterday in Boston. As an adult, having visited there, and having people live there that I love, it hit home. Times like these make it hard to believe in God's plan, but we must know that He has one. For all of us. That fact is sometimes hard to believe, especially when innocent children are the victim, but we must put our trust and faith in Him.

So today all I want to do is say a prayer. For Boston, for the injured, for the First Responders. For someone you love, or someone you don't.


  1. This is a sweet post. I really have no words. The Mr. Rogers quote is really sweet.

  2. i love that MR. Rogers quote! it is the best