Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Sunday Currently

Happy lazy Sunday! Today has been a much needed day of rest around here. The last few weeks have been go, go, go and my body and mind were begging for a break.


Reading just blogs lately. I am so behind on my magazines
Writing well this post of course! And a weekend recap for tomorrow.
Watching Once Upon A Time. From like 2 weeks ago. My to-do list today includes clearing up the DVR. And not much else.
Thinking that Ruby could probably use a walk, and we should get on that while it's nice out.
Smelling this gloriously large cup of coffee. Yum.
Wishing that I could have just one more day to catch up on sleep! Oh I'm not the only one? :oP
Hoping for a not-too-stressful week
Wearing yoga capris, an oversized T and a sports bra. It's lazy Sunday people!
Loving that nice weather is finally here, and I think to stay!
Wanting a maid.
Needing a maid!
Feeling like a lazy bum
Clicking Pinterest, Bloglovin' & Siddathornton

Well I'm on to The Carrie Diaries, see you kids tomorrow!


  1. Oh, what I'd do for a maid! I need one so bad!!! Happy Sunday!

    Like Ordinary Life

  2. i finally read a few of my magazines today! I am behind too!

  3. i'm SUPER behind on my magazines. makes me sad :(