Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Morning Phone Dump

I spend some of this morning playing with a new photo editing app, and I had a lot of pictures from the birthdays last week, so here ya go!

Jeffry's birthday presents. He got a couple shirts and a tie, instagram magnets, a cool antique looking fan and a camp chair (not pictured) BTW, Do you know how hard it is to find manly wrapping paper?!
Birthday boy requested fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. I think this is what he would ask for if it was his last meal on earth
Fried chicken process. Pretty typical: seasoned flour, egg, but instead of breading I use crushed up cornflakes. So crispy and yummy!
Nothing but plain old yellow cake with chocolate frosting for my man 
Kassie's birthday presents! She got some Duplo legos and 3 books
Check out that Rapunzel hair! Kassaundra looked like the ultimate Birthday Girl
Madelyn climbed up on this bench and smiled at me. How could I not take a picture?
Dinosaur BBQ for dinner Monday! I would request Dino Fried Green Tomatoes for my last meal. Yummmmmm. If you are ever in Syracuse or the other locations with a Dinosaur BBQ, GO!!

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  1. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!