Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eating Green

I was going to tell you guys about what we did on Sunday, but the pictures aren't ready yet so instead I'm going to tell you how I get Jeffry to eat green things. Ready for the big secret?? Well it's cheese of course!! Ha! Forgive me that was terrible. 

Anyway, I made alfredo with veggies the other night for dinner and it was yummyyyy! I used this recipe for creamy chicken pasta and followed it pretty closely except I made a smaller batch, and I added the Parmesan cheese right into the cream sauce to make it more of an alfredo.

The set up. This is not a Wegmans commercial I swear. Even though they are the bomb.
I used chicken that I broiled ahead of time and just sliced it and warmed it  in the sauce.
Pasta facial! The peas can be cooked right with the pasta when there is a few minutes left
The finished product
And yes I had my fancy dinner with a lime-a-rita.....

 P.S. be sure to come back tomorrow because I'm excited to be linking up with Meighan for "That One Time..."

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