Monday, May 20, 2013

Ruby's 1st Play Date!

Welp it's Monday again. I was on call this weekend so I don't even really feel like I had a weekend, even though we did so much I'm splitting it into two posts!

Saturday Jeffry was asked by a friend of ours to help put in his parents dock for the season. He also has one of the most gorgeous Boxers I've ever seen. (They used to live with us so maybe I'm partial too.) His name is Diesel and he is handsome.

So while the boys did the heavy lifting, Ruby had the time of her life playing with Diesel. I was nervous because Ruby hasn't really had the opportunity to interact with a lot of dogs, but I knew Diesel was very friendly and very well behaved, and we had a great afternoon. Here's some pictures of their escapades:

Their first meeting

Ruby is never really allowed off leash because she can get distracted and not come back.
She was thrilled with her new found freedom!

Diesel overseeing

Ruby does not much care for water if you couldn't tell

The dock was a great babysitter before the end was attached

Bein' buds! Ruby followed D everywhere!

Swimming lessons 

Ruby bee-lining it back to dry land 
You can't even see Ruby behind Diesel but she's trying her hardest to keep up!
It's a lot of work when his legs are twice as long!

I'm so glad my baby had such a great afternoon!! I'll leave you with this happy little tidbit :) The tip of her little tail is in the water so she's swimming!

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