Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mani Monday

Oh my gosh you guys I have been so M.I.A. today!! Uhg I just haven't been with it today at all. But I'm back, even if it is 10 pm. How was everybody's weekend? Mine was full of lots of sleeping and family time. Saturday Ruby and I went for a walk at a local park while we waited for Jeffry to get back from Albany. Then we went to dinner and the mall with some friends. 

We went to the Disney store and this happened...
Yes that is every. single. princess on that little lap.

And then of course Sunday was Mother's Day, so we spent the afternoon at my parents, and Ruby was spoiled as usual!

That's my mom, sister and I while my dad was in Desert Storm. Over 20 years ago and my mom looks practically the same. I hope I age as well!

So about that mani that I promised you...

I've had this Gel Strips kit sitting around for a while. I bought it at Target some time ago when I had a coupon and I've been waiting for a good opportunity to use them. I had some time today so I followed the directions and we'll see how they come out.

Applying the strips was just like if you have ever used the regular Sally Hansen strips before. I have in the past, and they are just ok. They are expensive so I will only buy them with a coupon and when they are on sale. A couple tricks I have discovered when using them:

- always use nail polish remover right before applying. 
I keep it near by and do each nail as I go. It really helps them affix to the nail.
- My nails are the size that I can actually do 2 nails with one strip. So I save by getting a 2 for 1!
I size the strips to each nail, then apply to one, line my fingers up tip to tip, and apply to the second nail, and tear the strip apart in the middle.

So I followed the directions, curing each nail under the included LED...

And the finished product:

I am pretty happy with the result. I wish the strips were more opaque, but they do look nice. I absolutely LOVE the shine of the gel top coat. I always wished I could get that salon shine at home and these really are super glossy. The next test? How they wear! So we will have to see in a week or so how they're doing. 

Also, I am wondering if the gel top coat can be used with regular polish. Has anyone tried it? Does anybody know? Thanks ladies!!

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