Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall, Locally

It is finally starting to feel like fall here in CNY, and the weather has been gorgeous! Here are some pics from a walk we took on Sunday.

Starting our walk. This was out first time walking the new-ish creek walk in Chittenango, my hometown.
Note the "yellow brick road"
Such a gorgeous sunny day!

You know our girl likes to swim!

There's no filter on any of these pics. I could have stayed out here all day!
All the sticks that Ruby "saved" She likes to pull them out of the water and deposit them on shore. She saved a leaf too.
After our walk we stopped over at my parents. Another one of Ruby's favorite places.
Here she is about to jump for her toy!
Oh my goodness I love these two!!
Watch out daddy here she comes!! 

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