Monday, October 14, 2013

We Interrupt Your Previously Scheduled Content....

For an engagement announcement!!!! I couldn't be more happy to share with you guys that Jeffry and I got engaged over the weekend!

photo cred goes to my bestie /MOH, she was all like "you'll thank me later!"
Thanks Bestie :)

Here's how it all went down...

You kind of have to know Jeffry, but he is a bit of a treasure hunter. He always has his eye out for things, he's always finding things, and he loves shows like Gold Rush and Diggers. I know I don't get it either. But when he told me about a week ago that he was getting a metal detector from his cousin, I didn't think twice. We live in a pretty old house with a good sized yard, and he has found really old coins before without even trying. So I thought nothing of it.

So Saturday morning, while I'm lounging with my coffee, he tells me he is going to go metal detect the yard. Ok, great, have a good time. After maybe 40 minutes (really no idea on time but it was a little while) He comes inside and calls for me to come see what he found. (This is where I'm like uhhhh can't you just come show me on the couch?? lol) So I get up and go into the kitchen, where he has a lunch pail, with what I assume is a bunch of old stuff in it.

The lunch pail is zipped up so I can't see what's in it. Jeffry is kneeling on the floor and I am standing, and one by one he pulls out an old spark plug (whoopie!) an old window latch (hooray) and a rusty old screwdriver (crazy, I know). And then he pulls out the ring. I say "OMG shut up!", he says "will you marry me?", I say "is that real?", he says yes, I say yes! and then we hugged it out. So romantic right?! Lol.  Neither one of us really have a romantic bone in our bodies, but I love the way he did it because it was so him, ya know?

Oh yeah, did I mention I was in my pajamas? And unwashed hair? Oh well!

And of course I love the ring! It's a 6-prong solitaire with a skinny band, just like I wanted :)

I am so excited to start planning, and so excited to be marrying this man. I love you babe :)


  1. Congrats to you both! So happy for you two! And I think that is a romantic idea for sure! p.s. love the color you have on your nails! and eeek that ring is gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations. Your ring is beautiful and I am so very happy to welcome you to our family. Much love and many hugs.

    1. Thank you! I couldn't be happier :) <3