Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday Social

I almost forgot about Sunday Social!

1. What were you like in middle school and high school? In middle school I was a little shit. No, seriously. I could have turned out really bad if I didn't have parents that kicked my butt. I was better in high school. Still very assertive though. It's the red hair, it's in my nature.

red hair sir in my opinion....#redheads

2. What were your favorite pastimes? Hanging out at my friends houses.

3. What songs were you obsessed with? I loved the Spice Girls! (they're still my favorite Pandora station)

Spice World!!! (1997) Love Love LOVE!!!!!
Spice up your life!

4. What fashion statement do you look backing and cringe? In middle school I was such a tomboy! Oversized shirts and JNCO jeans were not a good look!!! I was so skinny back then though, I miss that!

Sweet puka shell necklace! Said no one ever... -_-

5. Who was your celeb crush? Ryan Phillippe

I die.
6. What was your favorite movie? Cruel Intentions. "Colorblind" by Counting Crows was "our song" lol

Sunday Social


  1. Haha your first question cracked me up. I had a crush on Mr. Ryan Phillippe too.

  2. Ohhh Spice girls!! JNCO'S hahahahahaha! So cool!!

    1. Don't forget tattoo necklaces! And butterfly hair clips! 90's style was sooo tragic!