Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let's Talk About Shin Splints

I feel a little bit like a broken record saying this, but I have been trying to get back into working out lately. It's been a couple of weeks now, and this is usually about the time that my enthusiasm wanes, and I fall back into my old lazy routines. And one of the reasons for that is, after 2 weeks of some pretty good work outs, I develop excruciating, debilitating shin splits. Shin splints that could take down a water buffalo.

this guy ain't no wimp either
If you have never suffered through a run with shin splits, you are one lucky mother. They are not. fun. So this time I have been trying a couple new things to help with them, and I thought I would share my findings.

Let's start with a couple things that I have been doing wrong:

Cheap shoes. I don't run marathons. Heck, I barely run a mile. And without knowing if I'm going to actually stick with running, I sure as heck am not going to drop 100 bones+ on some primo running shoes.
Girl's C9 by Champion® Motion Glyde - Gray/Pink
These are my shoes. They were on sale for like $15 at Target. What can I say I'm a cheap mother.
Neglecting stretching. Here's another no-no. What do you mean you can't just hop on the treadmill, run a mile and then plunk down in front of E! network? ....

So here's what I've been doing differently this time around:

Insoles. Trust, homegirl is still on a shoestring budget, but what I can afford is 20 bucks for some insoles. These are the ones I've been trying out:
Dr. Scholl's®Active Series™ Insoles - Women's
$19.99 at Target
Lots and lots of stretching. Maybe it's overkill, but for the time being, I've been stretching. Alot. Can't hurt right?? I do a warm up stretch series, as well as a 3 minute walk before my run, and a cool down stretch series after. Then after a smoothie and a shower, I do ANOTHER leg stretch series. Maybe its overkill, but I can't lie when I say my legs feel great today. Here are 2 of my favorite calf stretches for shin splints:

hold each for 30 seconds, then repeat on other side

Warning: I am about to sound like an infomercial. I was not paid or perked for any of this, I just REALLY love these apps. Apparently I like being told what to do. But only with my workouts. Who knew. But here is what I have been using. All apps are by lolo, just go to the app store and search lolo. They aren't free, but if they actually get my butt working out, I think they're worth the couple bucks.

I use this for all my stretching routines. They have running warm up and cool down, as well as targeted (such as legs or back, and full body routines.) And it counts for you.

I like this so much better than Couch to 5k, which I have also used. Jeff Galloway is a marathoner and coach, a huge proponent of walk breaks (probably the only thing we have in common) and he'll even pipe in during your work outs with affirmations and tips. 
One of the things I dislike most about working out is the time it takes! So whats nice about this app is getting a full body work out in only 7 minutes! You tell the app what equipment you have available (like dumbbells or a stability ball) and it whips up a total body workout you can complete at home in 7 minutes. 

So that's been the deal lately. I also have to give a shout out to my sister-in-law. Even though she lives hundreds of miles away, she just always seems to know when I'm sitting on my ass, and will tell me to get the hell off of it. She's been the best motivator! 

Check back tomorrow for my favorite green smoothie recipe!


  1. Aw!! You know I love you!!! You are doing amazing girl!! I am so proud of you!!