Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Few Weird Things

I feel like I have been super antisocial lately. I've just been wanting to putz around the house, read blogs and snuggle my fur babies in front of the TV. I even chose to spend my birthday at home, alone, working on some projects around the house. And I cooked my own birthday dinner. By choice. Is that not super weird? I feel like my friends probably think I hate them. Rest assured friends, that is not the case! I still love you all. I'm just a weirdo hermit. 

Funny Confession Ecard: I wish I wasn't so good at being alone.
Another weird thing is that lately I feel like life has kind of stalled. Do you ever feel that way? I feel like I'm stuck in place, waiting for the plans I have for life to pan out, waiting on that catalyst for change. It gives me serious anxiety. Like I lay awake at night thinking about it. I know this is kind of cryptic but it's not something I have much control over either.... Uhggg I feel so STUCK!

Sorry for the emo-ness today loves. Just how I have been feeling lately.... :-\

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