Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

Well back to the grind after another too short weekend. This one seemed like it was busy and not busy at the same time.

Friday night was our company clambake. Hooray for hanging out with coworkers you've never even seen before let alone met. I work for a very large company here in CNY, and it’s rare that our different departments ever intermingle. So I spent my time with my same coworkers that I see every day. But the clams were free, and the beer was free. And the entertainment was free, holy moly! I would like to make it clear that I was not, nor will I ever be drunk enough to dance at a work function. Especially not like some were Friday night. Keep it classy people.

Saturday was a nice calm day at home. We slept in (thank goodness! I really need to work on sleeping more) and then Ruby and I putzed around the house all day. We took the shortest walk ever because as soon as we left it started to rain, and I worked on a project that has been sitting partially finished in our spare room forever. Still not done yet but it’s on its way. Here’s the sneak peak from instagram:

It’s red paint. And it’s taking practically a bajillion coats to cover! So frustrating.

I also started a little exercise challenge. I’m sure you have seen on Pinterest the different 30 day challenges, like the plank challenge or the squat challenge. Well, I took all the different ones I could find, and I put them in a spreadsheet (because I’m type A like that) and started on Saturday.

I’m pretty sure I have never stuck with ANYTHING for 30 days so this will be a challenge for me. But I’m 3 days in and going strong. Baby steps right? I really feel like moving up in increments will help me not to feel discouraged. Cheers to getting stronger.

Oh yeah, and fireworks Saturday night! I love watching fireworks from the comfort of my own bedroom :)

Sunday started out rough for us. Jeffry was supposed to run the Boilermaker, which is a 15k in Utica and one of the most popular races in New York State. Well it shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone that I hate waking up early, so we got a late start to begin with, the traffic was terrible, and I was REALLY uncomfortable wandering around a strange city by myself, waiting the hour or so it would take Jeffry to complete the race. So we ended up not going. We both felt a little disappointed, but I am hoping next year we can plan a little better, leave a little earlier, and it will be a good experience for both of us.

 I did really feel like it was meant to be though, because at the same time we would have been there, there was a shooting at a nearby park, and a fatal car accident on the road we would have taken home. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Warrior Dash 2012 before & after
I do love cheering for my man at the finish line. 15k is for sure something I can’t and won’t be running any time soon!

After Jeffry left for work, Ruby and I went to a picnic at my aunt and uncles, and Ruby got to meet a few of her furry cousins!

This is her cousin Suki. They did not exactly hit it off. Ruby is very high energy and loves to play aggressively. Suki is no spring chicken and did not appreciate it, however I would have to agree even I get frustrated with Ruby up in my face sometimes and I’m not a teeny little shih tzu!

Look at those sweet faces!
Her other cousin is still a baby! He’s only 6 months old and a boxer named Samson. He and Ruby got along great! She does well with big dogs she can jump all over. They were so sweet to each other too I was dying with cuteness. I can’t wait to get them together again soon, hopefully at my parents, they have a fenced yard and I bet those two would have the best time running around together!

Ruby was very frustrated that she couldn’t swim yesterday. Swimming is her new favorite, and my aunt and uncle have an awesome in-ground pool. But since mommy and daddy can definitely NOT afford a new liner, Ruby had to stay out. Life is so hard.

After a long afternoon running around in the sun, Ruby and I went home to relax. She passed out on the couch, and I watched some On Demand TV and got caught up on some blog reading! I am so behind!

So that was my weekend, nice and relaxing. Today Jeffry gets the pleasure of taking both the dog and the cat to the vet. Yay! Lol. Spence needs his 3 year shots, poor baby. I can’t even imagine how he’s going to deal with that.
Tubbo making himself right at home lol
Also, Jeffry found kittens in our backyard and is in LOVE. He’s pretty sure we may end up with another cat. I’m not too sure. I just like giving my baby Spencer all my love! He already has to deal with Ruby, I’m not sure how he would deal with having to share his domain with another kitty. Thoughts?

There is no denying his/her cuteness, but I said Spencer gets the final say. So we brought it upstairs, and all he did was hiss at it. So no go on the kitten. We still haven't decided what to do with them yet, there are 3 little ones and no sign of momma yet. If they are still there later I think we will see about taking them to the SPCA. Right now they are hiding out in our backyard neighbors old shed. We shall see!

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  1. haha! yea, it's funny how people forget that they are still at WORK at WORK functions!

  2. No more fur babies I need real babies!