Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Autumn Tradition

I first talked about our kinda weird fall tradition in this Sunday Social post, and last weekend we made our annual trip. We were about a week later than we usually go so the action wasn't top notch, but it's still always fun to go. Here are our pics from the day.

Once the baby salmon are big enough, they are released here in CNY, as well as all over the US. The salmon will always remember where they were released, and they will go back to that location every single year of their life to breed!

We always go through town to see the fly fishermen. It is fun to see them fight with a big fish.
Sometimes the fish win, sometimes they lose.
Last year we learned about a waterfall that is nearby, and this yeah we decided to visit. It was so cool to see!
Pics from the trail

 Views from the top

We witnessed a crayfish standoff.
Riveting I know...
a panorama I took of the top of the waterfall, from one side to the other
Ruby got a new bed that day too! Jeffry was impulse purchasing... But it's pretty and it matches our bedroom!
sweet girl!
Phew those pics have been a long time coming! Sorry I have been so MIA! I have been wasting my time pinning wedding things. But I'll try and be better I promise! xoxo

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