Monday, June 10, 2013

Road Trip Essentials

Last week Sunday we started the 13+ hours down to North Carolina and I must say I love a good road trip. As a kid, my family had an RV so we drove everywhere! Including all the way to California and back. Now I will admit that driving in a car is not quite the same. No couch to stretch out on, no bathroom, no fridge or pantry. So here are my essentials when it comes to car road trips.

1- You can still get sunburned in a car! Neutrogena is my favorite brand by far, and this is new this year so I'm giving it a try. And yes you read that right, SPF 70 is not a misprint...
2- Gotta have my phone for GPS and for tunes! Can't have a road trip without awesome tunes! This time I've thought about trying a podcast or even a book on tape. Nadine gave me the idea.
3- Gotta have my sunnies! I have super sensitive eyes and even wear them when its cloudy. Mine are from Banana Republic and I love them
4- This one might sound weird but I like to have a towel when I'm the passenger. I usually like to take my shoes off so ill put my feet on it, or use it as a blanket when the AC gets a little chilly

Another tip is that when your on a long trip it's nice to have scheduled stops to break it up. For our last trip to Knoxville and this trip to Carolina Beach, I mapped out all of the Harley shops along the way. This trip there are 10! I've planned them out to we're doing 5 down and 5 back. This tip might not be so good for anyone wanting to be spontaneous, but it's nice for us to have little mini destinations.

And of course you can't take a trip anywhere without snacks! These are some of my favorites:

- fresh fruit
- candy, usually twizzlers, starburst or something chewy that also travels well
- good ole H2O
- beef jerky. Travels well and is a really yummy high protein snack
- BelVitas. I'm obsessed with these. Low in calories, high in nutrients, fiber and taste!

So there you go! The things I won't leave home without!



  1. 13 hours is a long car ride! I like to use a high SPF also, we normally go for SPF 50. I'll have to check out the SPF 70 :)

  2. Enjoy your trip! Have fun on the road :)

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