Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Classic Pub Food

Last week it was super rainy and depressing. (I thought seasonal depression could only happen in the winter!) So I was really wanting to put a pot of soup on the stove. One of my all time favorites is french onion soup. I have never made it, but saw a recipe made one on the Martha Stewart show and it looked pretty simple. This recipe is even vegetarian, as it doesn't have any beef broth in it! Here is the recipe I used for French Onion soup. There's even a really helpful video.

Here's what the prep looked like. A dutch oven full of nothing but onions, and a cookie sheet of croutons!
Once we got to this step, it was a waiting game. The onions just hung out on med-low for hours, and needed a stir every so often. They probably could have even cooked longer than they did, but Jeffry was home and I was starving!

So this happened...

And then this happened.... 

What goes better with a steaming bowl of french onion soup than a patty melt?! These ones are super simple. Marble rye, swiss cheese, and a hamburger patty with salt and lots of cracked pepper. Oh and a smear of grainy mustard. Patty melts are usually made with caramelized onions, but I thought we were getting enough of those in our soup.

And the finished product:
All it needed was a frost Guinness!

Man this post is making my hungry! Now to decide what to make tonight.....!

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  1. Oh yum! I love french onion soup! I've never tried making my own before though, I might have to give it a try now! :)