Friday, June 6, 2014

June Fitness

So I was (past tense for sure) doing really well with working out and eating fairly well for a few months early this year, but then somehow I just got lazy and fell out of doing it. So today I am recommitting. The 'type-A' in me likes to have a schedule and a clear idea of what to do, so today I am sharing the two things I am working on.

The first is the June Strong Arms Challenge from Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Now that its summer, and with the wedding coming up (less than 150 days!) I want to get my arms, shoulders and upper back toned for that wedding dress! It is only the 6th so I am just jumping right in. For sure have to work on my push ups though I can't even do one correctly I am sad to say!

The second thing I am going to do is this PopSugar Crunch Challenge. I am feeling really good with the weight I have lost, but I for sure need to tone up in the tummy area. This one I just started on Day 1, since it is a 2 week challenge.
It's Crunch Time! 2-Week Challenge to 100 Crunches

Another thing I am working on is getting back into running. Running is such a struggle for me! The biggest setbacks I deal with are shin splints and blisters. I have never, in my entire adult life, had a pair of running shoes that has not given me blisters. It is so discouraging! If anyone has any tips, or a shoe they really love I would love to know! I have a really narrow foot, which is probably part (most?) of the problem. 

I also wish running was just easier! I know that seems like a silly thing to say because, duh, it's running, but I wish I could just be one of those people who running comes easier to! Listen, I know running is a lot of hard work, and that everyone that runs has put in the time. But uhhhgggg, so frustrating! I want running to feel therapeutic like it does for some people, where for me it is just hard! I wish I had the mental strength that those people have but I just don't, wahhhh!

Photo: Here is some workout motivation! 5 mile run in the rain and my sweet kicks stained my feet! #runnersproblems
Seriously I am so jealous of this girl! But I still love her :)
She's amazing!

Never miss a Monday. Never go 3 days without exercise. Workout at least 3 days a week. NEVER GIVE UP.

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