Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The First Official Post

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Wow where to start. First off thank you for visiting!  I am Heidi, The redhead part of Miss Ruby Redhead.

The Miss Ruby part is a 6 month old pit bull.

 Anywho, I was inspired by all the great blogs I love to start documenting, and the purpose of the blog is to help keep me accountable when it comes to DIY/crafting projects, and to share my love of fashion, beauty (including all things nail polish!), travel, cooking, fitness (or the lack of) and the adventures of getting engaged & married, buying a house, and starting a family (eventually!)

Some facts about me:
- Girlfriend of almost 5 years to an amazing man. He's everything I never knew I needed.
- I'm a mom to two fur babies, the aforementioned Ruby the Pit, and a 2 yr old little black prince cat named Spencer. We also have a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium. it's a straight zoo up in here.
- I have lived in central NY my whole life, but I have been lucky enough to have been able to travel to almost every state in the continental US, and I have my dad to thank for that. I love to travel and I have a tattoo to prove it.
- I have an obsession love of all things Holiday decor.
- I have about 20 TV shows I watch on the reg, and I'm a total homebody.

Here are a couple confessions for ya:
- I love cutting coupons, but I almost never use them. (hangs head in shame)
- I was an Interior Design major in college, but I might never actually use my degree professionally. And for right now I'm OK with that.

Lastly, some of my fave blogs. Show them some love!
Back East Blonde <-awesome lifestyle blog
Young House Love <-amazeballs DIY blog. Seriously these guys are the you-know-what
Gloss and Dirt <-hilar celeb/beauty blog. This girl makes me lol. She says out loud (or in print?) what I'm thinking
The Small Things Blog <-this might be perhaps the very first blog I ever started reading
Nice Girl Notes <-another lol here folks. Check out This Is How I Feel

Just a short list of the many I read every day!

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon! Feel free to comment, find me on FacebookTwitter, Instagram - @Heida04 and Pinterest. I think that's everything. Who knows nowadays!


  1. hey hey hey!~ ditto on the degree usage.

    check out http://www.highheeledmama.com/
    (Friend my high school - niffty blog)